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famouslovers's Journal

Famous Lovers
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This is a community that's all about famous loves, famous lovers, and famous duos throughout history.

Post about a couple, a couple's love, a couple's demise. Post a poem or letter written from one to another, or a song written by one about the other. Post about famously unrequited love or famously star-crossed love. Tragedies, Comedies. It's all fair game.

Please remember some things:

1. If it's more than a paragraph or if an image is oversized or heavier than 30k, please use an lj-cut tag. If you aren't familiar with that, refer to this page.

2. If you're linking to an outside site, please use proper html. Also, please do not post excessively long links. For more info on link tags, go here.

3. Please introduce yourself. And when you do, post about a famous couple. We're interested in you, but we're also interested in learning about the topic at hand. So do some research and tell us a nice story.

4. If you're posting about a speculated couple, two people who haven't publicly acknowledged that they are or ever were together, expect that not everybody is going to take it as gospel truth. And if you're posting about current couples (Ben and J Lo, et al.) expect a bit of groaning from the peanut gallery.

5. But most of all, have fun and be sociable.